February 8, 2015

Contrasts artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 05:01):

  1. Contrasts [05:01]


December 29, 2014

Reanimation artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 05:15):

  1. Reanimation [05:15]


December 13, 2014

Rain artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 05:40):

  1. Rain [05:40]

Another Wave

October 9, 2014

Another Wave artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 04:32):

  1. Another Wave [04:32]

Falling Into Classics

September 21, 2014

Falling Into Classics artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 03:39):

  1. Falling Into Classics [03:39]

Future Ways

July 18, 2014

Future Ways artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 03:56):

  1. Future Ways [03:56]

Before Bedtime

April 18, 2014

Before Bedtime artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 04:11):

  1. Before Bedtime [04:11]

Meet Your Demons

February 5, 2014

Meet Your Demons artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 03:30):

  1. Meet Your Demons [03:30]

Better Than Yesterday

January 8, 2014

Better Than Yesterday artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 04:49):

  1. Better Than Yesterday [04:49]

The Fire under The Silence

November 18, 2013

The Fire under The Silence artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 04:30):

  1. The Fire under The Silence [04:30]

Most Important Questions

October 20, 2013

Most Important Questions artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 03:28):

  1. Most Important Questions [03:28]

Think Faster

October 8, 2013

Think Faster artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 03:56):

  1. Think Faster [03:56]

From This House

June 28, 2013

From This House artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 02:50):

  1. From This House [02:50]

Next Step

February 3, 2013

Next Step artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 02:23):

  1. Next Step [02:23]


January 24, 2013

Moments artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 02:42):

  1. Moments [02:42]

Don't Stop, My Heart

December 2, 2012

Don't Stop, My Heart artwork

Tracklist (Total duration: 02:46):

  1. Don't Stop, My Heart [02:46]


December 1, 2012

Kaleidoscope artwork

This is mini-album is connected with an important period in my life. The tracks are not chronological. And even though you can't listen to the music I composed before (I won't share it with anybody), I can say with certainty that it helped me to grow professionally both as a composer and a mixer (if I can call myself one as well).

However, I am aware that the compositions that make up this album are not without some flaws. Actually, there are quite a few both in the music itself and the quality of sound. I could have spent a lot of time polishing the tracks but do not consider it to be necessary for a number of reasons:

1) With time I'd see some flaws in my compositions anyway.

2) What you hear in my music is a reflection on my state while I was composing it. When trying to improve it I could make it lose its appeal. More importantly though is that this music could mismatch my feelings.

That's why I decided not to edit the tracks. However I also learned a lesson from this experience. I will try to use the knowledge I gained the right way.

Tracklist (Total duration: 17:01):

  1. Ice Fields [03:17]
  2. One Day [02:24]
  3. Trails [02:52]
  4. Autumn [03:08]
  5. Run [02:26]
  6. Hard Melody [02:54]